About Us

Feisty Spirits – Non-conformist Whiskey for Feisty Souls.

Define: feisty
/ˈfīstē/ — Adjective: Having or showing exuberance and strong determination.

Define: spirit
/ˈspirit/ — Noun: 1) The vital principle or animating force within living beings. 2) Incorporeal consciousness. 3) An alcoholic beverage, especially distilled liquor.
/ˈspirit/ — Historical: the name given to alcoholic drinks because they were believed to be a gift from the spirits/gods before the process of fermentation was understood.

Distilling a Great Idea

Sometimes an idea needs time to ferment before it’s ready to take flight.

In 2008, David Monahan and Jamie Gulden knew they wanted to do something different. They each dreamed of creating a quality product they enjoyed, running a business their own way, and having a job that didn’t feel like a job. They wanted their new life’s work to be fun and help build community.

Dream became reality in early 2012 when the partners launched Feisty Spirits, the first craft distillery in Fort Collins, Colorado. Today, Feisty Spirits is a team of creative artisans who share a passion for hand-crafted small-batch distilling. We use only natural and organic ingredients, and source locally whenever possible. Feisty distillers enjoy showcasing the complexities of unique grains, so we’re always open to new flavors, ingredients and mash bills.

Our team has the same commitment to quality and collaboration that defines our craft-loving hometown, but it’s our curiosity and non-conformity that make us Feisty Spirits.


While we focus on producing the best small-batch American whiskeys we don’t limit ourselves to one type, we believe in equal opportunity for all whiskeys whether its Bourbon, Rye, Malt, or our own non-conformist whiskeys. And we don’t stop there – not by a long shot. Join us for a taste and a tour. Meet mighty Aphrodite, our beautiful Canadian copper still. Enjoy a spirited conversation over a dram, flight, or mixed cocktail in the Feisty Spirits tasting room.