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Feisty Spirits Single Barrel Whiskeys

Each Feisty Spirits single barrel whiskey is made with organic grains and aged in charred American oak barrels. We believe producing craft whiskey is a form of art and our distillers are passionate about creating unique, flavorful spirits for you to enjoy.

Feisty Spirits Blue Corn Bourbon

Velvety and intensely nutty body of blue corn flatters the earthy side of rye. Notes of fudge, toffee, and almonds add to a walnut heavy body for a bourbon perfect for savory sipping.

Feisty Spirits Better Days Bourbon

Harmonizing notes of molasses and almond enhance the earthy fullness of clove, maple and pepper. We collaborated with local musicians to craft this balance of sweet and spicy.

Feisty Spirits Rye Whiskey

Rich notes of apricot and butterscotch enhance rye’s naturally earthy, peppery personality. The creamy, velvety mouth-feel makes this rye ideal for an old-fashioned.

Feisty Spirits Nectars (Flavored Whiskeys)

We start with a smooth, mellow whiskey and infuse delicious flavors from natural ingredients. Never overly sweat or syrupy, these are light whiskeys made for sipping by themselves or to be used in combination with other ingredients.

Cinnamon Oat

Say hello to the first cinnamon whiskey to taste like a freshly baked oatmeal cookie. Savory Saigon cinnamon combines with the softness of oats for a uniquely mellow yet serious whiskey.


Soft sent of oat with berry undertones lead to a gentle and creamy palate, rich with notes of vanilla. The mild blackberry body allows for a simple and clean finish.

Vanilla Orange

Subtle notes of orange zest add depth to the aroma of vanilla. The body is extremely soft and is clearly oat forward. Finishes gently with a slight hint of citrus.

Feisty Spirits Elementals (Single Grain Whiskeys)

In ancient times Elemental Spirits were believed to be the spirit or animating force of things that exist in nature. They commonly included fire, water, wind, earth, tree and plant spirits.

Grain is the main ingredient of all great whiskey and many other alcoholic beverages. Just as Elemental Spirits were believed to contain the essence of various parts of nature, our goal with Feisty Spirits Elementals™ is to bring out and highlight the unique personality and flavors of each grain.

Each one is made from the simplest ingredients: water, organic grain, yeast, and enzymes.

Unaged Elementals

Clear whiskeys that let the full grain flavor shine through.


Nose: of cinnamon, nuts, and bubblegum, with a subtle scent of roasted coffee beans. Body is refreshing and floral while the palate is smooth and spreads easily over the tongue. Finish is slightly nutty and spicy.


Nose: strong nutmeg and allspice, with some wild flower notes within. Soft mouth up front that transitions to saffront-like spice towards the end. Palate is heavy with a solid earthy finish that resides on the tongue.


Green peppers and grassy meadows are apparent in the nose and the mouth is savory but creamy. Body is light but complexly floral, transitioning from gentle to spicy.


Nose: floral, yet nutty, complemented by scents of green apples and plums. Body is balanced and the mellow mouth allows for a strong nut flavor. Palate is soft and finishes gently, with hints of butter and hazelnuts.

Aged Elementals

Barreled Oat

Oats are obvious beginning in the aroma, and sweet, creamy, and almost chewy notes are apparent in the palate. Notes of vanilla transition to notes of citrus in the finish.

Barreled Kamut

Aroma of nuts with underlying notes of sweet raisins. The body begins fairly creamy and thick but then transitions to a spicier side. Finish is slightly sweet yet hearty.

Barreled Triticale

Strong tones of vanilla in the aroma with a round and nutty body. Floral notes are prominent in the mouth and the finish is sweet with a touch of spice.

Seasonal Releases

Spring: O’Feisty McBourbon

Nose: begins mellow with scents of oatmeal on front and spice towards the back. Body is soft but the palate then shifts to an earthier feel. Mouth feel finishes heavy and thick with a strong essence of spice.

Summer: Red White & Blue Bourbon

Tasting notes coming soon. $2/bottle goes to Rebuilding America’s Warriors (RAW)

 Fall: Coming fall 2014



Yellow Corn Bourbon

Oak is apparent in the nose with aromas of orange, vanilla, and spice. Hefty, complex mouth that has a sturdy yet smooth finish.

Yellow Corn Oat Bourbon

Sweet, buttery aroma with hints of coriander. The softness up front transitions to a denser, spicier body midway through. Palate is thick and creamy with a spicy sweet finish.

Yellow Corn Oat Bourbon – Finished in a Peach Brandy Barrel

Take our standard Yellow Corn Oat Bourbon and add notes of fruit & peach.

red corn oat bourbon

Apricot forward aroma compliments the density of a soft and creamy mouth. The body is rich and there are subtle undertones of cardamom.

Feisty Spirits Oat-Rye Whiskey

Nose: begins mellow with scents of oatmeal on front and spice towards the back. Body is soft but the palate then shifts to an earthier feel. Mouth feel finishes heavy and thick with a strong essence of spice.

Collabskey #1 & #2

Made in collaboration with Black Bottle Brewery.

2nd Chance Malt Whiskey

Once upon a time The Fort Collins Brewery (FCB) had left over malt flour from their milling that they were unable to use. When we found out about this horrible situation we said “Wait, don’t throw that away, we can make whiskey with that!” We had decided to call it 2nd Chance when we found out that FCB owners had a horse named 2nd Chance. Coincidence? We think not. And so was born 2nd Chance Malt Whiskey. Each batch is made from an unknown combination of malts to create a whiskey that will be different from batch to batch, but always fun to experience.


Feisty Spirits small batch brandy are individual creations of love. We make them because we want to drink them. Luckily for you we don’t mind sharing a few bottles.

Apple Brandy

Full aroma of luscious apples hits the nose immediately. Mouthfeel is round and light with strong fruity notes making the finish sweet and crisp.

Pear Brandy

Sweet aroma of fruit lends to a light, though round, body. The pear becomes clear in the crisp and refreshing finish.

Peach Brandy

Soft but intense aroma of sweet peaches hits the nose instantly. The body is fruity and succulent with hints of spice layered within, making the palate extremely complex.

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