Feisty Spirits Barrel Series #1 (2017 Anniversary Edition)

2017 Anniversary Edition – Baby Barrel Series #1
Colorado 5-Grain Whiskey

Here it is…introducing our Barrel Series #1 with Colorado 5-Grain Whiskey in one-liter baby barrels. They’re like the big ones we use in our distillery, but downsized so they can fit on your liquor shelf.  Look at these cool lil’ guys!

2017 Anniversary baby barrel release

And these barrels are not like other barrels either. These oak casks are coated on the inside with all-natural beeswax, which forms a near liquid-proof barrier that reduces further aging, evaporation, and leaking. That means the tasty spirits we put in there will stay tasty for a long time. Genius!

Speaking of genius, inside these sweet containers we’ve placed one of our super small batch special release whiskeys. To celebrate our 4th anniversary, we hand-crafted this recipe using only the finest organic grains from local producers (Troubadour malt, wheat, rye, millet, and oats). Then it’s aged and rested for over a year in 10 gal beer barrels, or more specifically whiskey barrels that we lent to High Hops Brewing in Windsor, CO which they used to age their Wookie Porter. The combined result is a rich, dignified spirit with layers of complex flavors. We’re super excited about this whiskey, and lucky for you we decided to share some!

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Baby barrels getting ready to be filled.

On July 22, 2017 we will be officially releasing our “Barrel Series #1” and offering up 50 one-liter casks of this 100 proof limited edition whiskey to a fortunate few. However this is your chance to pre-order your very own baby barrel before they are all gone. And they’re bound to go quick too, so don’t miss out!

If you do happen to miss out on Barrel Series #1, don’t worry. We hope to make this a semi-annual tradition and offer you a different delectable concoction each time. With such limited quantities it will be quite a collection. Cheers!

This is a special edition one-liter baby barrel filled with our anniversary Colorado 5-Grain Whiskey which is aged in beer barrels and filled at 50% ABV (100 proof). Each barrel is numbered and the release is limited to 50 barrels for sale. All orders must be picked up at the Feisty Spirits distillery in Ft. Collins, CO. Each barrel comes with 2 bungs, a spigot, a stand, and instructions for proper use. Click on the “pre-order” link below to order yours now before they are gone.

Price is $99.90 + tax.

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