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Fort Collins finest whiskey made with the highest quality ingredients from farm to barrel.

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Nonconformist Whiskey For Feisty Souls

Rockit 100% Rye Whiskey

Deep caramel, light notes of spicy rye, and a touch of smoke from the barrel.

Rhapsody Blue Corn Bourbon

Starts with a sometimes buttery, sometimes almond cream notes, with deep brown sugar, slightly sweet caramel notes

Better Days Bourbon

Up front light light spicy aroma with big oak, brown sugar, and caramel you expect from a classic bourbon.

Wild Thing Colorado Whiskey

Easy drinking, but complex enough to enjoy day after day.

Feisty Barrels

Our Story

Non-conformist Whiskey for Feisty Souls. Sometimes an idea needs time to ferment before it’s ready to take flight.

Respect The Grain

Whiskey is made from grain. At Feisty Spirits we embrace that, highlight the character of the grain, and use non-traditional grains to make wonderful, unique whiskeys.


We love getting outside of our own little world and working with all the amazing folks in Colorado. Catch a glimpse of some of our collaborations.

Feisty Reviews

Small local owned and run distillery. Great, informative tour and tasting experience with a flight of their products. One of THE best traditional old fashions we have had. We purchased their Hops Schnapps and Gravedigger Apple Whiskey to enjoy at home after choosing them as part of our flights. Nice to see locals making their mark! We enjoyed visiting with Jamie, and Joan (?) while we were there. We are definitely putting their tasting room and distillery on our list of local establishments to frequent! Keep up the great work!

V. Volpe

For my birthday we went on a tour of this distillery. I’d never been on a distillery tour and I wasn’t sure how we could spend much time in such a small place. I was really surprised at how knowledgeable and friendly our distiller was. She explained an incredible amount about the creation of whiskey. I learned a ton about how to find whiskeys I like, how to find the different smells and tastes, and about how those different tastes are made. I bought a few small bottles and savored them over the next couple months. If you’re a fan of the hard stuff, check this place out.

Will N.

My fiance and I stopped here as part of a weekend getaway, and it turned out to be the highlight of the whole trip. A founder and owner gave us a tour and not only showed us the creative process at Fiesty, but imparted a great deal of knowledge about whiskey-making in general that we had not learned at any other distillery. This made tasting their huge selection much more fun and interesting. We aren’t experts or connoisseurs, but whiskey is our spirit of choice and we were impressed with everything we tried especially the “Wild Thing,” the red corn bourbon, and the sassafras infusion. The tasting room is very cozy and the bartender, Colin, was extremely friendly and helpful. Prices were very reasonable. The only difficult part about this visit was choosing which whiskey to take home with us until our next visit.

Brian L.

Feisty Spirits is by far one of my all time favorite venues for small batch whiskey and associated concoctions. Their taster flights are of course an excellent means to sample their various offerings. Wild Thing Spiced Apple infused whiskey is by far my favorite whiskey option, though we are in all cases, always talking about good, better and best quality at this cozy North Fort Collins establishment which I look forward to returning too often.

Nate L.