2017 Anniversary CollageSunday July 23, 2017 – We are celebrating 4 years of serving up high spirits in our tasting room. Join us for a little Anniversary party with friends, family, food, and fun. Z Catering Staffing & Events will be providing some fabulous and amazing mouthwatering creations to pair with our whiskey. The main event is happening between 2pm and 6 pm.

Check out our Facebook Event Page as it will be updated with more details as we get closer. Unfortunately if you are not logged into Facebook it will say the page does not exist.

We will be releasing our 2017 Anniversary Whiskey that weekend. It is a very unique 5 grain whiskey using wheat, rye, millet, oat and malted barley. It has been aged in our Bourbon barrels that High Hops Brewery had used to barrel age their Wookie Porter. The malted barley came from our neighbors next door at Troubadour Maltings.

1 liter oak baby barrel
1 liter oak baby barrel

This release is special so it deserves its own cool “bottle”. We will be selling fifty 1 liter barrels filled at 100 proof and available starting July 22, 2017. These little barrels have generated a lot of interest and we’ve already pre-sold over 20 of them. Get on the pre-sale list fast if you want one. More information about our new Barrel Series is at feistyspirits.com/barrelseries.



2017 Anniversary Edition – Baby Barrel Series #1
Colorado 5-Grain Whiskey

Here it is…introducing our Barrel Series #1 with Colorado 5-Grain Whiskey in one-liter baby barrels. They’re like the big ones we use in our distillery, but downsized so they can fit on your liquor shelf. Look at these cool lil’ guys!

1 liter oak baby barrel
1 liter oak baby barrel

And these barrels are not like other barrels either. These oak casks are coated on the inside with all-natural beeswax, which forms a near liquid-proof barrier that reduces further aging, evaporation, and leaking. That means the tasty spirits we put in there will stay tasty for a long time. Genius!

Speaking of genius, inside these sweet containers we’ve placed one of our super small batch special release whiskeys. To celebrate our 4th anniversary, we hand-crafted this recipe using only the finest organic grains from local producers (Troubadour malt, wheat, rye, millet, and oats). Then it’s aged and rested for over a year in 10 gal beer barrels, or more specifically whiskey barrels that we lent to High Hops Brewing in Windsor, CO which they used to age their Wookie Porter. The combined result is a rich, dignified spirit with layers of complex flavors. We’re super excited about this whiskey, and lucky for you we decided to share some!

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Baby Barrels
Baby Barrels

On July 22, 2017 we will be officially releasing our “Barrel Series #1” and offering up 50 one-liter casks of this 100 proof limited edition whiskey to a fortunate few. However this is your chance to pre-order your very own baby barrel before they are all gone. And they’re bound to go quick too, so don’t miss out!

If you do happen to miss out on Barrel Series #1, don’t worry. We hope to make this a semi-annual tradition and offer you a different delectable concoction each time. With such limited quantities it will be quite a collection. Cheers!

This is a special edition one-liter baby barrel filled with our anniversary Colorado 5-Grain Whiskey which is aged in beer barrels and filled at 50% ABV (100 proof). Each barrel is numbered and the release is limited to 50 barrels for sale. All orders must be picked up at the Feisty Spirits distillery in Ft. Collins, CO. Each barrel comes with 2 bungs, a spigot, a stand, and instructions for proper us

e. Click on the “pre-order” link below to order yours now before they are gone.

Price is $99.90 + tax.

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Anniversary Celebration header image
Lets have a party and invite everyone!

FREE Concert & Mini Distillery Festival – Sat July 19th, 2014 from 2pm to 6:30pm

We’re celebrating the anniversary of our tasting room opening by having a little party, and you’re invited! Spend a beautiful Saturday afternoon listening to live music, sipping on Colorado craft cocktails and eating good food.

Location: 1708 E Lincoln Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80524


Montage of images from the bands.

2:00 pm – Brian Collins from The Seers

3:30 pmLunde Station with Erik Lunde, Ryan Lennartson, Shawn Keefer, and Eric Straumanis

5:00 pmAspen Hourglass with Grayson Ehrhard and Sean Hanson

Distillery Logos


  • Feisty Spirits
  • Black Canyon Distillery
  • Copper Muse Distillery
  • K J Wood Distillers
  • Spirit Hound Distillers


Tana's Delights LogoPizza and garlic knots from The Garlic Knot. Delicious desserts from Tana’s Delights.

Miscellaneous Details

There is no cost to come out and enjoy the music and select free tastings from participating distilleries. Food and additional drinks will be available for purchase.
We encourage you to bring your camping chairs and sunscreen. No glass containers please. Our parking lot will be closed for the concert and festival. Ride your bike or park on Commerce Dr., Heath Parkway, or at nearby businesses that are closed.
Thank you for supporting our tasting room over the past year! We can’t wait to celebrate with you on July 19th!

Event Poster

Feisty Fest Poster

We are a little more than halfway through the fifth of six installments of Angelshare. Time has flown, the end is near (read: gotta get some tasty cocktails before they’re gone!)

Star Bar bar backFor the Highballs and Collins session, we partnered up with Star Bar. Near the intersection of 22nd and Larimer, Star Bar is in the heart of the LoDo bar scene without the jam packed crowds. A bit more on the divey side, Star Bar has a fun scene without being crazy busy and they have a nice little patio in back for when the weather warms up. It may not look like it from the outside but they always have an incredible selection of craft beer and Colorado spirits. If you want to know a secret, ask for what they have off list. They have some rare beers that they don’t put on the regular beer list.

The spotlight, of course, was on the featured Feisty cocktail: Horsetooth and Neck. The earthy qualities of our 100% Rye and the sweet-and-spicy of the Saigon Cinnamon Oat combine with the lemon juice, Sprite, and Leopold Brothers Orange Liquor to make a drink that tasted like a lemony-crunch granola.

It’s no surprise that organically made whiskey reminds me of my favorite healthy energy boosting snack.

Feisty will be featured at Star Bar until this Tuesday, April 8th, before moving on to our final leg of Angelshare at Coohills, so make sure to grab yourself a Horsetooth and Neck for only $5 today!

Star Bar
2137 Larimer St
Denver, CO 80205

Nestled on the banks of Cherry Creek right on the edge of LoDo you’ll find Coohills—a posh French bistro with inventive cocktails and wine galore.

The open kitchen adds to the chic feel and lets you see food being created (read: no surprise fryers, conveyor belts, or microwaves—just pure, good cooking). I love open kitchens like these because it brings you in and completes the dinning experience.


The menu is clean and simple French style cuisine with a focus on local, farm-fresh ingredients. You’ll find French classics, like snails and foie gras, to modern interpretations, like mussels with blue cheese and bacon or the Cape Cod Scallops.

Can’t choose? Get the 5-, 7-, or 10- course Chef’s Tasting Menu. Get it with the wine pairing and let the people at Coohills do the work for you, creating a perfectly put together meal.

The patio is in the perfect spot for warm and sunny Colorado days. With a view of downtown and Cherry Creek, it’s perfect for sipping a refreshing Feisty Angelshare cocktail. You have until April 22nd to enjoy it for only $5—and I recommend pairing with rays of sunshine.

Look them up!

Coohills French Bistro
1400 Wewatta St., Denver, CO 80202
(303) 623-5700

It’s the final installment of Angelshare and we’re a little sad it’s almost over. But, spring and summertime is upon us, meaning that the weather is changing and as it does we’ll be ready for crisp, fruity, refreshing beverages.

Coohills Feisty Punch

The final installment, Tropicals, Punches, and anything suitable for drinking on a Patio, pair perfectly with the weather that has been arriving in spurts all month and will be here permanently soon enough. The Feisty Angelshare cocktail is no exception.

Featuring our Peach Brandy, bitters, and pineapple juice, this cocktail is a perfect blend of a porch sipping peach iced tea and a toes-in-the-sand pina colada. While being super fruity, the drink is never cloying—it’s incredibly refreshing. The peach flavor of the brandy is intensified, rather than masked, by the pineapple. There is a small kick of spice from the bitters that brings the whole thing together. It made me want both the beach and a lakefront porch (perhaps I’ll settle for a reservoir-front rock at Horsetooth).

There is only one week left of Angelshare, so make sure to enjoy it while you can. Remember that these cocktails are only $5 a pop and $1 of each purchase goes to supporting Heros Like us.

1400 Wewatta St
Denver, CO 80202

If you haven’t made it to Lola Mexican Fish House yet for the Feisty Angel, you still have a day to get in to try our Distiller’s Choice cocktail. But don’t worry if you can’t get in today, the delicious food that Lola serves isn’t going away.

Queso at Lola

I went for happy hour (which, by the way, runs during all open hours every Monday) and started out with the Butternut Squash & Chorizo Queso. The queso was everything you want from a butternut squash bisque with an extra kick and gooey, cheesy element. Served with both soft flour tortilla and crispy corn tortilla chips, it’s the perfect snack to pair with a crisp drink.

ATacos at Lolafter demolishing a decent amount of the queso, out came the tacos. The chicken had a nice heat to them without being overwhelming and was complemented perfectly with a creamy jalepeño aioli and a salty cotija cheese. The fish taco took the cake for me, however. With a crispy piece of fried tilapia as the star of the show with a supporting cast of a crispy house slaw and a spicy habanero-avocado salsa, it’s easy to want seconds.

Ceviche at LolaFinally, we received a ceviche surprise from an old friend. The trio of covina ceviche, shrimp ceviche, and sea scallop ceviche really showed off what Lola is all about: fresh, quality seafood packed with flavors of Mexican cuisine. The corvina was my personal favorite. The corvina, pickled fresno chiles, and toasted almonds were coated with a chimichurri sauce providing the perfect combination of tart, spicy, and earthy. The ceviches are served with house made potato chips for scooping that provides the perfect vessel in which to eat the dish.

Lola is most well known for their margaritas and array of tequilas as far as the beverage selection goes, but make sure to grab a Feisty Angel for only $5 before it’s gone!

Lola Mexican Fish House
1575 Boulder St.
Denver, Colorado 80211
(720) 570-8686

Four rounds down, two more to go! For this round of Angelshare, Feisty Spirits is being featured at Lola Mexican Fish House.

Feisty Angel at Lola

This twist on a Manhattan, the Feisty Angel is tart, sweet and spicy all in one delectable cocktail–sort of bringing together the best of the margarita mixed with the best of the whiskey classic. Featuring Feisty Spirits Saigon Cinnamon Oat Whiskey, the Feisty Angel is balanced with apple brandy, sweet vermouth and lemon.


The Feisty Angel will be at Lola until March 25th, so get it before it’s gone! Only $5, this drink won’t disappoint, plus a dollar of your purchase goes to a good cause called Heroes Like Us!

Lola Mexican Fish House
1575 Boulder St.
Denver, Colorado 80211
(720) 570-8686

As someone who grew up along near coastlines, I’m always a bit weary of seafood living in a landlocked state. Not at Jax Fish House.

Jax Fish House - DenverWith fresh seafood from around the world flown in daily, you can be sure to always to get fresh, delicious seafood. No need to fret about getting the raw stuff either. The menu is even separated by “from the counter” and “from the kitchen”.

From salmon to scallops, you’re sure to find something that fits your fishy taste buds. What they are probably most known for is their oysters, which you can get for only $1.25 during happy hour along with other small bites like calamari and gumbo fries.

And let’s not forget the cocktails. Boasting some of the best mixed-drink-making in Denver, Jax’s bar mirrors their excellent concoction creating with a long, oval bar right through the middle of the restaurant. Attached to the seafood counter, there are plenty of seats where you can ogle the slew of sips and seafood.

You still have a few days to get the Who Dat for only $5 before Feisty moves on to the next Angelshare location (Lola). For the full New Orleans feel, pair it with the shrimp & crawfish gumbo. You won’t be disappointed.

Jax Fish House & Oyster Bar
1539 17th Street
Denver, CO

Being from New Orleans, I get very nostalgic on Mardi Gras. The parties, Bourbon Street, the King Cake, seafood galore, and the classic NoLa drinks (Hurricanes, Daiquiris and the like).

Who Dat at Jax'sWhen I went to Jax Fish House to try the Who Dat, the Feisty Angelshare cocktail for the Mardi Gras themed installment, I didn’t think I’d be transported back to New Orleans through what was in my glass.

The Who Dat is a take on a Vieux Carre, which translates as “old square”—The French Quarter. The Vieux Carre is a NoLa classic literally named for one of it’s most popular destination and, like both the drink and the Quarter, the Who Dat is strong and a bit on the wild side.

Served over a single giant ice cube, the Who Dat featuring Feisty Saigon Cinnamon Oat Whiskey tastes like a King Cake. Like my favorite Mardi Gras treat, the Who Dat brings bold cinnamon flavor with a sugary sweetness. Rounded out with notes of almond and a smidgen of maraschino cherry, this drink will bring your taste buds to the heart of New Orleans, covered in beads and all.

Celebrate Fat Tuesday the right way with a Who Dat and some of Denver’s best seafood (more to come on Jax’s Fish House in a few days). For only $5 you can celebrate in style without breaking the wallet. You have until March 11 to celebrate with Angelshare Mardi Gras cocktails, so be sure to get out and try them all.

Jax Fish House & Oyster Bar
1539 17th Street
Denver, CO