Welcome to Feisty Spirits!

Pick up a bottle of one of our new releases:

  • Red Corn, Triticale, Oat Bourbon – our latest special release Bourbon is rich and smooth. Available in 375ml bottles that make a great holiday gift.
  • Bier Schnapps – the 4th release in our new series of distilled beers is a distilled Blackberry Wheat beer from 1933 Brewing Co.
  • Hop Schnapps – our 2nd release in the series is distilled from Black Bottle Brewery‘s Hipster IPA. Its a bit like whiskey with hop flavors added.

Feisty Spirits

Photo of our still.

David and Aphrodite

Welcome! We are Fort Collins’ first distillery and home to exceptional hand crafted whiskey and other fine spirits.

We love whiskey and want to share that love with you. But first, what is whiskey? There isn’t just one “whiskey”. Whiskey is a class of alcoholic beverages that are distilled from fermented grains. Since there are many different grains, and each grain has its own unique flavor, this allows for a wide variety of flavor profiles and very different tastes that are all called whiskey. We hope you will explore and experience this wonderful diversity of flavor with us.

While our focus is on whiskey we won’t stop there. We will be producing a wide variety of distilled spirits as we experiment, play, and just basically have fun in the distillery. Many of these will likely only be available in our tasting room. So come by often, sign up for our email list, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter to keep up with what is new.

Feisty Spirits has been five years in the making and is a continuation of David’s family legacy of distilling. We are focused on producing the highest quality spirits using natural and organic ingredients. Oh, and we’d like an order of world peace with that.

Whisky or Whiskey?

Both are correct. Well, depending on who you ask. Different people will argue as to why one or the other is correct in one situation or another. But despite what the guy sitting next to you at the bar says, it is typically a geographical distinction; it is common to use Whisky in reference to Scotch and Canadian Whisky, whereas Whiskey is generally used for US and Irish Whiskey.